About Villas.com

Villas.com is Booking.com’s dedicated online booking website for villas, apartments and holiday homes. We know there’s a big difference between booking a room in a hotel and planning a self-catering holiday – and that’s why we decided to develop Villas.com.

Villas.com has 363,200 active holiday rentals in 24,736 of the world’s most popular holiday destinations. We have new, flexible search features that will help you to find the right property in the right place. Villas.com also includes useful information about the regions in which each holiday rental is located – so you can learn more about your dream destinations, and be sure you’re making the right choice for you and your family.

Use Villas.com to search for cottages with pools, for villas with sea views, for city bolt-holes, for rural idylls with enough bedrooms for everyone and for homes that welcome the whole family … including the dog.

Why should I book through Villas.com?

When you book a holiday rental through Villas.com, you’ll get instant confirmation, so you’ll know your booking is confirmed, availability is guaranteed and there are no booking fees. You will also qualify for around-the-clock customer service (in your language) and our Best Price Guarantee.

Because Villas.com is part of Booking.com, you have all the weight of Booking.com’s experience, expertise and support behind you. Established in 1996, Booking.com is the world leader in booking accommodation online. With Villas.com, you automatically get all the reliability and integrity associated with the Booking.com brand – including the support of 10000 people in 170 offices across the globe whose mission it is to help travellers, whatever their budgets, to discover, book, and enjoy the world’s best places to stay.

If you like Booking.com, you’re going to love Villas.com.

By booking through Villas.com you could be staying at a property such as Chalet Obergurgl, Austria:

bedroom exterior

kitchen sauna

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