The holiday rental essential check list

Before staying in or booking your holiday rental, make sure you ask the following questions before you check in. This is to ensure you know all of the possible costs and have everything that you need.
Print this check list out or email it to your chosen holiday rental provider and ask them to answer them. You can take this list with you to help you on your arrival day.

• Is the key holder going to be there when we arrive and how do we get access to the key on the day of arrival?
• Is there a fee for cleaning even if we choose to clean the property ourselves before departure?
• Does the property offer mobile, WIFI and internet access? What is the WIFI access password?
• Is there SKY TV, Games console, DVD player?
• If anything does not work i.e. TV, air conditioning who do we call and what is the response time?
• Is the property smoking or non-smoking?
• Is electricity included in the cost? If not, what’s a typical weekly bill?
• Is there an owner or management company nearby if I need anything and if so what is the number?
• Is a deposit required?
• Is there a safe for passports and valuables? If so what is the code?
• Is there a washing machine or facilities to clean clothes at the property?
• Are there towels at the property already so I don’t have to pack then in my luggage?
• Is there a cot/high chair (if you have a baby)?
• Is there a swimming pool, if so is there anything we need to do with it, is it heated and is there a pool cleaner?
• Is there any additional charges, heating the pool, electric, TV etc?
• How far is it to the nearest beach, best restaurants and nearest local supermarket?
• What cooking equipment is there and can we use any larder items left by previous guests?
• What’s the quickest route from the airport or station to the property?
• What are the parking arrangements and is parking free?
• Is bed linen supplied?
• Is there anything you would suggest we should do while staying in your property?
• Is there anything we should be aware of?
• Security wise is there anyone who regularly visits the property who needs access and is there anything we need to be concerned about or aware of if we are out of the property each day?

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