Are Holiday Homes and Holiday Villas Safe?

The simple answer is no. No place is 100% safe and most villas and cottages are no less safe than your home.

As long as you thoroughly research the area that you are looking to book in, there should be no nasty surprises when you get to your rental. Our rule is to always be as vigilant as you would be when at your own home.
Avoid leaving mobile phones, laptops, expensive items out on view if you are not with them. If your villa/house has an outdoor area that is visible to the public, don’t leave things out if you are going indoors.

Most villas will have good security features as they are vacant for the majority of the year. It is important therefore to lock up as you would at home in the evenings and especially when going out to avoid possible break-ins.
Throughout Portugal and Spain, many villas sit on complexes and will often have a security post as you enter the road or general area, which can be a source of comfort.  The basic rule is, behave as you would at
home and everything should be absolutely fine.   Hotels are not 100% safe from crime either so there is nothing really extra to worry about.

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