Is a holiday rental the right choice for you?

Whether you are looking to rent a villa in Florida or a cosy cottage in Cornwall, you can make massive savings by booking holiday rentals rather than hotels. As most holiday homes are privately owned they can differ greatly,
however if you pick a reputable agent you should be able to ensure that you receive an excellent standard of accommodation for your money.

Holiday Homes or Hotels, which should I choose?

If you are new to holiday homes, you may find yourself asking if a holiday home is cheaper than a hotel. The answer to this completely depends on the type of holiday home you are looking to rent, the location and when
you want to go. You can save a lot of money by doing your own catering, bringing your own food and everything else you need before arriving. This saves on excessive dining out costs and bar bills which you would experience
when staying at a hotels.

You have to be prepared to do your own cooking and cleaning at a holiday rental; however as a result of this staying at a rental for a number of days can usually be much more cost effective than staying at a hotel.
The larger your family the more sensible it can be renting a holiday villa or holiday cottage is as often the larger villas do not increase proportionately in price.

Generally speaking the bigger the group the bigger the saving that you can make per person is. If you are a couple, it might seem to more sense to stay in a hotel, however an apartment could be a more viable option if
you are staying in a city for several days. For example a New York apartment for 7 nights may be much more cost effective than New York hotels, which can prove extremely costly even at 3 star rating.

After analysing the market we found that after 6 adults you tend to make the best savings. For example a 3 bedroom villa for 6 adults or a four bedroom cottage for 8 adults can give you huge savings compared to booking
3 or 4 double bedrooms in a hotel. With holiday homes you can book early and if you are going as a group it always pays to rent a villa or rent a cottage, so long as you can handle the cooking and cleaning on holiday.

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