General Holiday Home Safety tips and rules to follow when arriving at your holiday home

With regards to general safety when in the holiday home, check all of the rooms around the property for bad wiring, dangerous items, particularly if you have young children, and do a mini health and safety check.

It’s not your home so it’s important to make sure that you safety proof all areas. Be particularly careful with small children if your villa has a swimming pool as obviously there will be no life guards. Make sure at all times
that you supervise small children in and around the swimming pool area and lock all access to that area if you are not out with the children so that they are unable to access the pool area without you. Adults must also
be careful to check the pool depth before diving into any unfamiliar swimming pools. Diving injuries are one of the most common injuries for people staying in holiday villas, so beware.

Also showers and bath water may be at high temperatures as some countries don’t have scald taps, so make sure you supervise and check any bath times for children and indeed adults even if you don’t need to
at home.

Holiday homes are great fun however unfamiliar for the first few days. Take care and enjoy investigating your new holiday home on arrival. Make your health and safety check part of the excitement of arriving at
your new holiday home (it’s always exciting when you first arrive)!

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