You can often cut out the property providers by booking rentals directly with the owners. We would not recommend booking in this way as there is always a risk that
the property or the owner is not as you think it is. We have made a list of some do’s and don’ts to help ensure that you don’t come a cropper…

DO NOT book on a suspicious looking site or get tricked into booking a non-existent property.
DO NOT book on any site that looks unkempt, old or out of date.
DO NOT book with any sites not displaying adequate security information.
DO NOT wire money via BACS or send a cheque ever, and always ensure that when entering personal information the URL starts with htpps.
DO NOT forget to purchase travel insurance.

DO use some holiday home comparison websites to check for reputable suppliers.
DO look and book with sites that allow you to securely pay with major credit cards.
DO research the area and check on satellite maps that your property is real and is not a building site or field.
DO consider booking off peak if schools or jobs allow as holiday rental providers really struggle to sell off peak and as a result deals can be up to 50% better.
DO bring/hire a car and consider being a mile or so away from major towns or cities to save money.
DO use reputable companies you have seen on TV or advertised in reputable publications.
DO deal directly with property owners only if you feel safe and they are via one of the major holiday home sites. Question their intentions if you have to send cash
or a cheque. Note that payment with credit cards is fine.
DO walk away if you are not 100% on booking anything, there are plenty of suppliers to choose from.

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