Deal with the owner direct and negotiate for a discount

Negotiate down your holiday rental costs

If you are confident and have found a property there are great savings to be made by dealing with the holiday home owner. They are directly able as the owner to offer you the price they want and you can often negotiate a little to close the deal.

If you are booking out of season you have every chance to get a good deal, if you are looking at the summer, its likely you are fighting a loosing battle.  However, try get some extras thrown in or see if there are any local deals or restaurant discounts they can offer you.   Tell them you are considering a few properties and have not yet confirmed flights, car hire etc, that way they know you are not 100% committed.

If you are not a great planning person, then leaving it late can often work really well, you have less to choose from, however most holiday homes are booked early and with 6 months lead time, so if a property is empty generally 4 weeks before the date you want, chances are its not going to fill unless its for a bargain price.

Looking late however has drawbacks and you can trawl through many sites and find nothing in the area you want, so try a holiday home comparison site to scoop up any last minute bargains for your chosen location. There a few to try on the market so type in ‘ compare holiday homes ‘ or ‘ compare villa rentals ‘ etc in your search engine and see what comes up.

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