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HouseTrip was created to make booking apartments and flats as easy as booking with a standard hotel. HouseTrip works by connecting both property owners and guests meaning that its easy to send an enquiry to book a holiday rental in your chosen location. HouseTrip focuses not only on your stay but giving you a slice of local life and culture.

Size wise HouseTrip is one of Europes largest holiday rental websites and is expanding globally with apartments currently worldwide. It has 125,000 properties which are not limited to apartment and flats, however the majority of their product is of this style. They do however now feature many more property types from houses, apartments, flats, villas, castles and houseboats as opposed to just rooms.

Unlike many other operators that promote apartments, they allow you to rent entire properties as opposed to staying with the owner so you can stay in comfort on your own or with your family without having to stay with the host which is not to everyone’s taste. Bookings are on the whole lead based so you make an enquiry to the host who then gets in touch with you to let you know if there is availability or not, usually within 24 hours. It is recommended to request 3 or 4 properties to ensure you receive a booking quickly.

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