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Holiday Lettings is one of the worlds largest holiday home letting companies. Owners and letting agents are able to show off there holiday cottages, holiday villas, holiday apartments and any other type of holiday accommodation to potential holidaymakers.

Holiday Lettings has grown to become one of the largest holiday home providers online with over 300,000 privately owned holiday rentals in over 150 countries globally. Over 28 million people use Holiday Lettings every year and it works on an enquiry basis, so you communicate with the owner of the property and they confirm availability with you and confirm your reservation. Due to its size it has a huge choice of properties from small to large castles and even windmills.

As Holiday Lettings is global it has properties even in small places including Spain, Cornwall, Portugal and Sydney. It is part of a larger group of companies and also owns a Spanish version of its website Niumba which can be visited by going to

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