Toad Hall Cottages

If you’re looking for holiday cottages in Devon, holiday cottages in Cornwall or a great deal on holiday cottages in Somerset, Toad Hall Cottages has some amazing offers to make any break one to remember. From romantic getaways for two, great beachside breaks or a big family gathering, our holiday cottages in Dorset and across

Is a holiday rental the right choice for you?


Whether you are looking rent a villa in Florida or rent a cosy cottage in Cornwall then you can make some massive savings my booking holiday rentals vs hotels. As most are privately owned they differ greatly but if you pick a reputable agent then you should ensure that you receive an excellent standard of

The DO’s & DO NOT’s when you rent a villa, cottage or holiday home


You can often cut out the property providers by dealing directly with the owners, we would never ever recommend this, however if you choose to, follow some simple tips you should be fairly safe booking any holiday home. We have compiled a list of do’s and do Not do’s to make sure you don’t come a cropper…